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 Promoting communication, enjoyable teamwork, and improving the artistic taste of foods

 create memories and share happy moments


It is one of the first academies for educational and recreational cooking in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the city of Riyadh. Blend was opened in 2017. Our goal in Blend is to be the leading supporter in the field of food and beverages in the Middle East, under the supervision of our highly qualified chefs to reach the highest levels of excellence in providing more than one workshop. Work with high quality At Blend, innovation inspires us to provide our customers with a unique and memorable experience. We have innovative solutions that suit your needs, to achieve the best results with high quality.

the message

Culinary arts in general, from catering to events related to food and beverages with the best international standards, to raise awareness and develop artistic taste in cooking in all sectors.


Leadership in food and beverage sector solutions in the Middle East

the mission

The expansion of hospitality in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in conjunction with the high demand for food and beverage services, has created a tremendous opportunity to build a local community that meets these requirements. Our main goal at Blend Culinary is to highlight local talents and encourage them to be creative and innovative, as well as to enhance our services to accommodate local requirements in accordance with the best international standards.

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